The Bootongs of Bali is coming soon! Pre

The Bootongs of Bali is coming soon! Pre-order your copy and help it get printed faster! (

The fantastic tale of a family of ducks and friends. Young Cheeky and his family, the Bootongs of Bali, are in a race against time to find their fallen ancestral palace in the Kingdom of Ducktopia and recover an old Manuscript that will unlock the answers to restore balance to Bali – and the planet – before it is too late.

Classic adventure-fantasy with an environmental message, by an author with an original storytelling voice that will appeal to young readers and adults alike.
The Bootongs of Bali is a captivating tale that through the adventures of animals, reminds us we only have one planet and two paths – preservation and repair, or destruction. The Bootongs of Bali takes you on a tour of Bali, its culture and the beauty of the Paradise island seen through the eyes of the ducks and their friends, while highlighting the threats it is facing in a fast-paced tale that will leave young readers intrigued and with an indelible desire to help make a difference.

With beautiful illustrations and designs by Clare McAlaney,
this is a book that will take a treasured place on your bookshelf.

Ibu Murni, one of Bali’s best known and loved entrepreneurs, says:
“Open these pages and you enter a mythical, magical, enchanting world where ducks can fly and fish can talk … Clare McAlaney pulls a powerful punch … Will the young, naïve duck Cheeky succeed in his pre-destined task, against all the odds …? Will he manage to overcome rival Spotty and terrifying malevolent forces and find the Manuscript, hidden centuries ago in a distant palace? Will he succeed in unlocking the ancient secrets and save Bali from its headlong, unstoppable rush to destruction, perdition and chaos? This timely, modern allegory bursts with energy in words and pictures.”
Murni – founder & owner of Murni’s Warung, the first restaurant in Ubud

Jonathan Copeland says:
“The Bootongs of Bali is a remarkable tour de force, which sits in my bookshelf between Animal Farm and Harry Potter.”
Jonathan Copeland, writer, photographer and author

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