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Bali Soul Journals

“Bali’s magic and spiritual essence has captivated me completely.  The wonder of Bali is in the way the Balinese live in harmony with their heart, mind and physical body, bringing everything into balance, for all of us.  By reaching the heart of Bali, its true culture is revealed.” Jack Canfield, co-author – The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul

Bali Soul Journals (is) a hot-off-the-presses read written by Bali resident Clare McAlaney with photographs by Trish McNeill, presents a sumptuous exploration and evocation of the heart and soul of contemporary Bali.”   Don George, an editor at large at National Geographic Traveler and the author of Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel WritingHe has also edited several award-winning travel-writing anthologies, including Better Than Fiction.

Bali Soul Journals is a complete masterpiece. The photos, the graphics and the delightful stories allow you to connect to the true essence of Bali and the beautiful people who call this island home. I’ve visited Bali ten times and since reading Bali Soul Journals, I feel at last I really know her and her people.”  Sandy Forster, Writer and CEO – WildlyWealthy.com, Australia’s leading prosperity coach

“Like a great film, Bali Soul Journals offers a complete journey in itself – a fully immersive experience that fairly and thoughtfully touches on this complex and sophisticated society with a proud rich history, and present it in a way that is compelling, accurate, holistic, gentle and respectful.”  Ade Djajamihardja, author, and Film and Television Producer – LittleBookofHope.com

“Congratulations Clare and Trish – just catching up with the results of all your hard work printing this past week. Can’t wait to be able to touch and smell a printed copy. Magnificent achievement and thank you so much for being such a support to the Conscious Travel movement!!”  Anna Pollock – International Conscious travel consultant, founder of www.conscious.travel.  Anna also wrote the beautiful foreword for the book.

“Thanks for the book …, it’s very special Christmas gift for me, and very inspiring. As a Balinese, I’m very proud of you to write this book.” Nyoman Suryadhi, Bali

“Thank you so much for taking the time to give honor and credit to the incredible talent of Nusa Penida, and for asking all the right questions about tourism and development!”   Altaire, Bali

“Thoreau said, “It is not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”   Bali soul journals is perfectly named, for Clare and Trish have captured something of Bali’s soul and allowed us to see beyond the lens of a tourist. Even if you have never been to be Bali, this book will open your eyes to the depth of the country’s spirit. Beautifully written and exquisitely photographed, Clare and Trish present stories and insights with sensitivity and respect for the land, the people, the culture. They awaken in the reader a deeper appreciation of our planet and a feeling of responsibility to nurture and tend it more carefully.”  Laurel Scott, Australia

“…it is just beautiful….I’ve enjoyed reading it a lot.”  Alex Bali

“Yesterday I was watching your video on YouTube with my daughter. She apparently shared it with some of her college friends and one of them said to her, “wow, thats so cool! How do you know this Famous person.” My daughter replied, “oh that’s my mom’s friend”. She proceeded to tell me how proud she felt knowing someone who made such a ‘wonderful video.’ ” Mercedes, Chicago, USA

“I have just finished reading your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it, you and Trish should be so proud of yourselves, so many things that I thought about Bali are mentioned.”  Marg – Bali/Perth

“WOW the book Bali Soul Journals !! we love it what a brilliant book loved the photos the stories and the way it makes you reflect on our own travels there. It has a very important message for all of us that who really do want the old Bali back ! Amazing work you both should be extremely proud. We had a nice moment when we opened the cover! Dave has a very similar pic as the inside cover that we took on our 1st night at Ku De Ta with the kite ! Thanks again it is a gift.”  Teena, Australia

“Back in Melbourne and have opened my book. It is beautiful. Thank you for getting them to me yesterday. So much better than even I expected! Photography truly beautiful too! Thanks again.”  Trish Tabak, Australia

“I overheard a lady in Ubud talking about your book and she was saying how amazing it was and that it was beautifully written … I was soooooo very proud to tell her that I was a personal friend. Her husband had given it to her for a birthday present…” Peta, Bali

“Looooved the book…speechless: Some of friends are already interested in purchasing one.” Nanette, Melbourne, Australia

“The book is fantastic!”  Cheryne, Melbourne, Australia

Things you need to know about Bali

“The advice about allergies has made this trip a breeze!” Patty Aubery, President of The Canfield Training Group (referring to the translated allergen information, available for free download at www.thingsyouneed2know.com.au.

“Things you need to know about Bali is essential reading for anyone planning a trip. It’s the most current and up to date book on the market and includes everything, and then some, you will need for your trip. It really helped me planning my trip. So grateful for the wisdom and information shared.” Tina

“I love this book. It gives you tips and great information that you want to know before and during your stay in Bali. Every schoolie should read this before arriving in Bali. It will save you many headaches that need not occur. The book is well written and easy to find the relevant information you need quickly. There are often so many questions when travelling abroad, this book is like your personal advisor, making you feel safe and well versed with up to date information. Highly recommend it.” Lisa

“A vital information guide for all people planning and whilst on a trip to Bali. Easy to read and find information. A recently written book, so the information is current. Don’t bother searching the web for out of date and often misleading information. Buy this book and you will have everything that you could possibly need to know, at your finger tips.” Tanya

“I had the great privilege of being asked to review this book and I must say that it was a pleasure – and a revelation. I’ve lived in Bali all my life and even I learned many things. It basically covers everything you would ever need to know, interlaced with personal comments, and is very easy to read. It is well laid out and easy to find what you are looking for. Highly recommended. Thank you, Clare. I know I will be referring to it myself.” Murni, Ubud, Bali

“Hi, i’m moving to Bali indefinitely next week for work and have found your book incredibly informative.

I’ve spent a lot of time on blogs and forums over the last few months and having one source of information which touches upon pretty much everything you would have to know is fantastic.

Even as a guide aimed largely at travellers, most of the information is equally valid for individuals making a more permanent move. As a soon to be expat, it would be great to see a similar resource or companion guide that really gets into the nitty gritty of moving to Bali. i.e. housing, setting up telephone/internet, hiring staff, visa, daily life, etc.

Keep up the good work.” Sebastian

Buy now at www.thingsyouneed2know.com.au. Just $14.99 with over 500 pages of practical advice for tourists to Bali.

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