Hands for Water

Beyond the lush vegetation of southern Bali, we bounce along a pot-holed road, dust flying into dried up rivers with floors of stone. This is a rain-shadow. Beyond the waters of the sea that flows to Java, is a village without water. Wake Water took me there to inspect three water tanks that were helping … More Hands for Water

Noah and his Ark

Every now and then, meeting someone causes me to pause, to check in with my soul and make sure that I truly am living a life of purpose. Last night, Dr Francine Neogo was one of those people. At 85 years of age, tears rolled down her face as she described a life of working … More Noah and his Ark

Loving Lovina

The road from Lake Tamblingan over the mountains to Lovina seemingly kicked the chassis of our car about like a tin boat in a storm.  Huge potholes were unavoidable, snaking across the road and marking the place of the river of rain that had created them the last wet season.

Lembongan Life

The little girl looks at me with large brown eyes, lashes gently touching her cheek when she closes them.  The rubber tube her mother has been using as a floating table for her basket while she collects seaweed, is casually flung around her neck, and she shyly raises two fingers in a salute as I click … More Lembongan Life

The Kingdom of the Lakes

Tucked away behind Bedugal, the temperate, ‘vegetable growing capital’ of Bali, there lays a mystical duo of lakes that are untouched by the touristic fingers of the South.  I ‘stumbled’ upon them on Google Maps 3D, my new friend in research, replacing the old ‘finger on the map’ method of choosing a place to explore.