Hands for Water

Beyond the lush vegetation of southern Bali, we bounce along a pot-holed road, dust flying into dried up rivers with floors of stone. This is a rain-shadow. Beyond the waters of the sea that flows to Java, is a village without water. Wake Water took me there to inspect three water tanks that were helping … More Hands for Water

Noah and his Ark

Every now and then, meeting someone causes me to pause, to check in with my soul and make sure that I truly am living a life of purpose. Last night, Dr Francine Neogo was one of those people. At 85 years of age, tears rolled down her face as she described a life of working … More Noah and his Ark

Serving the Master

I coined the phrase “Serving the Master” in Bali Soul Journals when I was reflecting on where Bali is today.  Once, tourism was the servant, bringing a better quality of life for Balinese.  But now, that servant has become the master.  In some instances, Balinese have become slaves to establishments built on their land.  And … More Serving the Master

The spirit of Bali

Last night as I sat listening to the wind rustling through the leaves and the chimes of the nearby temple, words flowed through my mind. I was taken to another place, beyond where we are now, transported from what we see in Bali today – rubbish, environmental issues, lost of heritage. And strangely, I felt … More The spirit of Bali